What Can Help Me Maintain My Resale Value?

What Can Help Me Maintain My Resale Value?

Purchasing a brand new car is a very exciting experience for a lot of us and the vehicle can be reliable and handy for many years, but how do I make sure it maintains its value when the time comes to resell?

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How Does Purchasing A New Car Affect Its Resale Value In Years To Come?

  • There are many factors at play when the time comes to trade-in or resell your motor vehicle, these factors include:
  • The Car Manufacturer’s name – In many cases, a trusted and more popular car manufacturer name will depreciate slower than less trusted manufacturer names.
  • The Model of the Car – A high-end model with all the trimmings such as airbags, central locking, climate control, GPS navigation, parking sensors etc as opposed to cars at entry level (no climate control, window winders, no voice activation, no airbags etc).
  • Warranty – Motor vehicles that still have a warranty and are sold during that time will have a higher resale value, compared to motor vehicles that are sold outside the warranty period.
  • Accidents – Motor vehicles that have been involved in a crash would lose value due to the damage incurred.
  • Condition of the Car – The overall condition of the motor vehicle could also play a role in the resale value of the car.
  • Aftermarket Parts versus Equipment Manufacturer Parts – Cars upgraded with aftermarket parts (lights, interior, engine etc) will decrease in value compared to those that have genuine or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

What Can I Do To Make Sure My Vehicle Keeps Its Resale Value?

When purchasing a car it is best to choose a more neutral colour such as black, silver or white because these colours remain desirable after many years as opposed to neon sporty colours.

If your car is fitted with safety features, it will help maintain a high resale value. Safety features such as a central locking system, an immobilizer, smash and grab window coating and an anti-highjack system are simply naming a few.

Comfort features will also add and maintain the value of your motor vehicle and many buyers prefer features such as air conditioning, adjustable seats and electric windows.

When repairs are done on your vehicle, make sure that a reputable auto repair shop works on your vehicle and that they make use of OEM parts. If a professional has not done the body repairs to the car, a keen eye could spot the flaws and this could reduce the resale value considerably.

Aftermarket upgrades or modifications could ruin the appearance of the car and sometimes may interfere with the car’s ability to function properly.

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