The Most Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars in South Africa 2014

To diesel or not to diesel is a question for another day, for now let us marvel over the many wonders of turbo diesel engines, free of judgement and rebellion. We will assume that you’ve already decided that, for whatever reason, you want a car that runs on diesel rather that petrol. This week we present to you the most fuel efficient diesel cars. 

Ford Fiesta 1.6TDCi Ambiente

Claimed combined fuel consumption: 3.6l/100km
 Ford Fiesta
As the cheapest car in our turbo diesel range, this sweet ride is still anything but entry level. From the outside it’s easy to muddle this beauty up with the Fiat Punto, but that’s where the comparisons end. The Fiesta offers much better fuel consumption and performance by comparison, also Fiat does not offer a diesel version of the Punto. 

VW Polo 1.2 TDi BlueMotion

Claimed combined fuel consumption: 3.4l/100km  
Now we’re getting somewhere. The Polo has elevated its status from the entry level VW to a wide range of sexy go’ers. Although, if its speed you’re looking for the Fiesta trumps the Polo. For fuel consumption Polo beats the Fiesta hands down. Volkswagens BlueMotion technology delivers the best fuel efficiency by far - the numbers don’t lie.

Audi A1 1.6 Tdi

Claimed combined fuel consumption: 3.8l/100km  
Audi A1 
He (or she) who never aspired to Audi-dom, never really aspired at all. The A1 makes for the perfect entry level Audi, that said even cheaper models have incredible fuel saving technology. Audi haven’t dropped their guard for a second in their quest to create high performance vehicles coupled with fuel efficiency. In addition, the lavish interior, will make you want to live inside this beauty.


Renault Megane Hatch 1.6 Expression

Claimed combined fuel consumption: 4.0l/100km  
Renault Megane 
I true petrol-head, or in this case diesel-head, would never overlook a Renault. It’s not just pretty, it boasts a top speed of 200km whilst still delivering on its promise of notable fuel efficiency. This one, is not the once to dice with… especially if you’re trying to save fuel.

Volvo V40 D2 Essential

Claimed combined fuel consumption: 3.4l/100km  
Volvo V40 
Ah! A car with better fuel consumption than the Polo AND a 6 speed gear box! Okay, okay, it costs a bit more, but you don’t buy a Volvo because you’re scraping the last dollop of caviar from the tin. You buy a Volo because you are a responsible, respected member of the community. You use your indicator, never miss a service and always buckle your kids in. If you cannot conform to this stereotype, just skip to the next paragraph. 

Mercedes-Benz A180CDI AMG Sport

Claimed combined fuel consumption: 4.0l/100km  
Mercedes Benz A180 
Did someone say caviar? If you’re cracking open the Special Reserve Ossetra, fuel efficiency is not something you lie awake at night thinking about, just go the whole hog, hook up the SLS AMG coupé and chug 19.9l of premium in urban conditions. If however you happen to have a conscience you will be ogling the A180 and pulling off from robots respectably, after all this is the car of the mogul, not the successful gangster.

Vehicle Comparison

 Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Ambiente  VW Polo TDI BlueMotion  Audi A1 1.6 TDI (66kW) Renault Megane  Volvo V40 D2 (84kW)  Mercedes Benz A180 
Starting Price   R195 900 R233 500   R277 500  R279 900  R315 700  R365 400
Engine Capacity  1560cc  1199cc  1598cc  1598cc  1560cc  1461cc
Transmission  5 speed manual  5 speed manual  5 speed manual  6 speed manual 6 speed manual  6 speed manual
Claimed Fuel Consumption - Combined  3.6 ℓ/100km  3.4 ℓ/100km  3.8 ℓ/100km  4.0 ℓ/100km  3.4 ℓ/100km  4.0 ℓ/100km
 Claimed Fuel Consumption - Urban  4.4 ℓ/100km  4.1 ℓ/100km  4.4 ℓ/100km  4.8 ℓ/100km  3.8 ℓ/100km  4.7 ℓ/100km
 Claimed Fuel Consumption - Extra Urban  3.2 ℓ/100km  3.0 ℓ/100km  3.4 ℓ/100km  3.6 ℓ/100km  3.1 ℓ/100km  3.6 ℓ/100km
 Top Speed  181km  179km  182km  200km  190km  190km
 Acceleration 0-100km/h  11.7 sec  13.9 sec  11.4 sec  9.8 sec  11.9 sec  11.3 sec
So now that we have successfully covered the most fuel efficient cars on the market, you have no excuse for  not investing in a more version of the car you most desire.

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Disclaimer: All of the claimed specs were taken from each manufacturer’s website. Where a price is listed it should be taken as a guide only as some vehicles may come with additional costs such as on the road, admin and licencing fees.
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