Is it really safe to buy a car from a dealership?

Is it safe to buy from a dealerships
Buying a car from a dealership is usually more expensive than buying a car privately. But it is also almost always the safer option. See why buying from a dealer is safe.

A dealership has a reputation that can be researched.

Apart from fly by night dealers, most dealerships will have a reputation that they have built up over the years. By doing your research you can easily determine if the dealer’s reputation is a good one or a bad one. It is much harder to judge if a private seller is honest and trust worthy because there is simply no way of finding out besides asking for references.

Dealerships are usually safe professional environments.

A reputable dealership will offer you a safe and professional environment in which to inspect vehicles, ask questions and complete transactions in. Buying a vehicle is a big decision, therefore it is in a dealerships own interest to make you feel as comfortable as possible to make sure that you feel confident about making a purchase. Buying from a private seller can mean anything from meeting in a parking lot to going to view the car at the seller’s house which isn’t always ideal.

Dealerships go the extra mile

Dealerships are in the business of selling cars, if they do a bad job at it then people will simply not buy from them. Therefore most dealerships will go the extra mile for clients and offer them above average service. A good dealer will handle all the paperwork for you, aid with finance and insurance and assist you with trade-ins if you have one. Private sellers will in most cases not be able to match the customer service standards offered by dealerships.

You get a certain amount of protection from Dealerships.

The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 states that if you buy a car from a dealership it has to be in good working order and free of any defects, be usable and durable for a reasonable period of time, be fit to get you from point A to B and meet the description given when you bought it. If the car does not meet these requirements, you have the right to claim against the dealer for breach of contract. Dealerships might also sometimes offer a limited guarantee which will cover you if the car gives you any problems within a certain period of time.
Ask your dealerships what protection is in place that will cover you in the event of the car breaking soon after you buy it. It is worth noting that dealerships can usually also assist you with extended warranties and service or maintenance plans. Buying a car through a private seller comes with added risk and you simply won’t get the after-sales service that a dealership can provide you with.

Buying a vehicle from a dealership will generally be a little more expensive than buying a vehicle from a private seller but you are paying for peace of mind. A dealership can offer you a much better overall experience and level of customer service than a private seller can. Super Group Dealerships have over 23 franchised motor dealerships in Gauteng and North-West. Use our dealerships locator to find your required dealer now
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