Five small myths about buying a new car.

New car myths
You got offered a great deal on a new car that you just can’t refuse. It comes with low monthly payments, free upgrades and free service and maintenance. This is the kind of deal you would never have gotten if you had to buy a pre-owned car right? Not exactly, new cars are great and probably everyone’s first choice but if you are on a budget then pre owned cars can be a good choice too.
We give you five common myths usually associated with buying a new car so that you can be more informed to make a wise decision when it comes time to signing on the dotted line for your dream car.

1.  Free service and maintenance plans

Most people are under the impression that their new car came with a free service and maintenance plan and that if they had bought a pre owned car then they would not be covered. This is not always the case. Service and maintenance costs money, someone has to pay for it and that someone is you. The cost of the service and maintenance plan on new vehicles is usually included in the sticker price of the car. Remember that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Also remember that you can purchase service and maintenance plans for most pre-owned cars too. So take this into consideration when deciding on new vs. pre-owned.

2. New Cars come with all the great deals.

When it comes to buying a car, there are only three things you need to focus on. The first is the price of the car, the second is the interest rate that the deal is signed for and the third is the period of time that the money has to be paid back over.
It is definitely true that manufacturers do sometimes run special promotions on new cars that included discounts, upgraded specs, flexible finance options or even free gifts. Just make sure that you do your homework and buy the car you want for the right reasons, not just because it came with a free 100inch TV.

3. New cars never break.

If you buy a new car from a reputable manufacturer it should last you a very long time before it starts to give you any major problems. There are however exceptions to every rule and new cars are no different. Certain new cars have been recalled shortly after they were sold due to manufacturing defects and the odd new car has even broken down. The good thing is these are extremely rare and isolated incidents and the warranty available on most new cars should cover you in situations like these anyway.

4. New cars are cheaper to insure

The price of your monthly insurance premium is calculated using several variables including your age, your driving history, your vehicle, age of vehicle, where you live and many more variables. Therefore insurance for new cars is not less than used cars, in fact for a similar car you will probably pay more for insurance if it is new because it is worth more.

5. That new car smell lasts forever

Don’t you just love that smell every time you get into a new car? That smell generally comes from the materials and adhesives used in the manufacturing process. On its own that smell will not be appealing at all but when combined with a new car our brain associates it with wealth, success and happiness.  The reality is that as time passes that new car smell will fade.

So are new cars any good?

Of course new cars are good, in fact they are great. New cars are better than used cars any day of the week and most people would prefer to drive a new car off the showroom floor. The great thing about buying a new car is that it’s yours; you choose the colour, the spec and let’s not forgot that sweet new car smell. This article was just to debunk a few common myths associated with buying a new car.
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