Five things you must know about your service and maintenance plan

Vehicle service and maintenance
You have a motor vehicle service and maintenance plan. But do you actually know what you are covered for? Did you read the fine print on the contract? Did you even ask the sales person to explain it to you? If you answered no to any of those questions then you might be in for a nasty shock the next time your car is sent in for a service or maintenance.
Here are five questions you must ask about your vehicle’s service or maintenance plan:

1. What are my options and what is included?

Vehicle cover can come in the form of a warranty (for major mechanical failures), maintenance plans (for general parts and labour) and a service plan (for routine service). Many manufactures are however bringing out their own custom plans which are a mixture of the above so it is essential that you find out exactly what is included in each plan.

2. What is excluded in each plan?

Once you have asked what is included in each plan it is then just as important to ask what is excluded. For example if brake pads are excluded in your car service plan then find out how often you will need to replace brake pads on your car and how much you will need to pay to replace them. Although each car and driver is different you can always get a rough idea of when certain cars need replacing of certain parts. This will enable you to budget for the additional items which are not included in your service or maintenance plan. Also worth noting is that any repairs or service that needs to be carried due to reckless driving will generally not be covered by any plan even the warranty. So be sure to save the rally driving for video games or else it could cost you big time.

3. How long are the plans valid for?

Due to the fact that you can sometimes have a warranty and multiple plans running concurrently, it is then a good idea to ask for exactly how many years or kilometres each plan has you covered for. A warranty might have you covered for 5 years/100 000km’s but your vehicle maintenance plan only covers you for 3 years/60 000km’s. You will then know that once your car’s maintenance plan expires you might still be covered for another 2 years/40 000km’s on certain parts through your warranty. This goes back to the previous two points of knowing exactly what is included and excluded in each plan.

4. What does each plan cost?

Now you know what these plans include, what they exclude and for how long they cover you for. Next you need to find out exactly how much they cost. Most new cars are sold with a warranty and some sort of maintenance plan. This is not free it is just included in the price of the vehicle. Most pre-owned vehicles might still be on their warranty or maintenance plan and if not you normally have the option to purchase an additional year/km’s plan as a bolt-on. If you know from past experience that you generally only keep a car for three years and do around 60 000km’s then it will be pointless to go for the 5 year/100 000km’s option just because the sales person said it’s a good idea. Find out what you need and how much it will cost you.

5. What happens when the plan runs out?

Hopefully if you asked all the above questions and did your homework you should already know what will happen once your vehicle service and maintenance plan runs out. If you are ever unsure of what you are covered for or for how long you are still covered for just revert back to the contract and read the fine print again. If you can’t find your contract then contact the company that provides you with your maintenance or car service plan and ask them anything you need to know. You also have options available if your vehicle service or maintenance plan is set to expire soon. Depending on the age of your vehicle you can purchase extend plans that will have you covered for an additional amount of time or kilometres. Just remember to ask the above questions again for any extended plans too as they might differ from the original plan you had.
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