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Super Group Dealerships has a dealer network comprised of most of the major vehicle brands in South Africa and offers a range of new and used, commercial and non-commercial vehicles. Our dealers and staff are some of the market leaders, as is evident from our many awards.

We host a centralized helpdesk that manages and coordinates - from one central point - all electronic and telephonic vehicle requests. Our aim is to make your vehicle search easy and convenient.

We are committed to sourcing and delivering your vehicle, parts and attending to service requests, as effectively and promptly as possible.

Here at Super Group Dealerships, we offer a variety of insurance products that help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Let us help you protect your car with our quality and reliable insurance products. Our Value-Added Products offer a number of insurance options to ensure your vehicle stays in tip-top condition. Have a look below at the variety of products we have on offer and contact one of our dealers for further assistance.

150 Micron Safety & Security Window Film (Lifetime Warranty)

This reduces the risk of “smash & grab” attacks, helps protect occupants from flying glass in the event of an accident, prevents premature fading of your vehicle’s interior, and reduces the heat in the cabin.


Armour Glaze Paint Protection (1 year warranty)

This removes industrial fall-out from the paint-work, protects your vehicle's paint-work from environmental damage, such as: bird droppings, hard water, salt water, acid rain, UV rays, and will prevent dirt from penetrating the paint-work which potentially can discolour the paint-work.


Interior Protection (1 year warranty)

Protects your vehicles leather/ vinyl/ fabric/ carpeting against staining, fading and going brittle.It also repels water, thus making it easier to wipe away spills.


PFF Headlight Protection (3 year warranty)

The headlight protection will ensure that your headlights do not break or shatter if hit by stones. It will protect your headlights from being damaged by road dust which over time leaves a sand blast effect on headlights.


PFF Bonnet Strip (3 year warranty)

The vinyl that's used on the headlights is the same product that is applied to the front section of the bonnet. The bonnet strip will prevent stones from causing chips on the actual paintwork of the vehicle where the vinyl is applied. This vinyl also has self-healing qualities, so if a stone does hit the vinyl it will heal itself back to its original form, with time.


Tyre and Rim Warranty

Enquire at your nearest Super Group dealership to find out what we can offer under tyre and rim warranty.


Service and Maintenance Warranties

Enquire at your nearest Super Group dealership to find out what we can offer you under extended service and maintenance warranties.



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If you are still looking to purchase your vehicle and are interested in obtaining financial aid, then our finance and insurance products are for you. We approach all the finance houses and insurance agencies on your behalf to find you the best rates possible for financing and insuring your vehicle.

Our qualified and experienced Finance and Insurance Manager can arrange your finance and insurance to ensure that you receive the best deal possible for your financial profile. Please feel free to contact us for assistance regarding queries or advice concerning our products.

Super Group Dealerships is an authorized Financial Services Provider in terms of the FAIS Act FSB FSP Number 24929.

The documents below should always be on hand when requesting and processing your finance and/or insurance deals:

  • Employment details
  • Banking details
  • Home ownership details
  • Personal information
  • Valid ID or Passport number
  • Spouse's details
  • Contact information for a relative
  • Insurance details

We are affiliated to reputable financial institutions.

There are insurance options readily available to you.

Expert advice
Our professional and qualified team will advise you on the best options for you.

All information and applications are treated with the utmost privacy.


Find your nearest SuperGroup Dealerships dealer here to apply for vehicle finance today.


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