8 Easy Steps to Buying a New Car

Buy a new car
Buying a new car can be scary. But if you follow these 8 steps it will be a much easier and enjoyable process. So stop stressing and check out these 8 quick steps.

Steps 1 – What can you afford?

This is where you work out what you can spend. Just remember that what you CAN spend is not always what you MUST spend. Work out what monthly payment you can realistically afford. If you currently have a car and it is paid off then get an estimate for what you can sell it for. If your current car isn’t paid off yet then find out how much you still owe on it. Ideally you only want to look at selling a car when it reaches the breakeven point, so when you can sell it for enough to settle the outstanding balance on the loan. Once you figure out what you can realistically afford to spend on a new car then you can move on the next step.

Step 2 – What do you need from a car?

Obviously you want the best car out there, but what car do you actually need. You might want a 4x4 SUV but unless you see yourself doing a lot of heavy off-roading in the middle of the African bush then a 4x2 SUV will do just fine. Have a big family? Then maybe that sports car is not the best choice for you. Find out what you actually need a car for and write it down. Remember it is NEED and not WANT. Once you have a list with all the specs/features that you need from a new car then it is time to start looking at the options available to you.

Step 3 – What vehicles and models match your required needs?

If you know what kind of car you need and what your budget is then it is time to start looking at what new cars are available that match your requirements. To get the latest new car prices and specs you can use online car finders. The key is to search for new cars using your maximum budget then sort through them and bookmark the cars that match your criteria.

Step 4 – Look for new car specials online.

Often dealers will create new car specials to promote certain vehicles in their stock. Use Super Group Dealership’s new car specials finder to see if any of the vehicle models you found in step 3 have specials available.

Step 5 – Test Drive all the vehicles on your list.

You now know what you need and what is available online. The next thing to do is book a test drive for each car that you are interested in buying. Go on ten test drives if you must and take your time during each test drive. Ask questions and inspect every element of the vehicle. Try to test drive the car on the highway and in more congested areas. Once you have finished a test drive, be sure to make a note of the positive and negative aspects of the vehicle.

Step 6 – Go do more research

You have now taken all your favourite cars for a test drive and written down the pros and cons of each car. The next step is to go online and do more research. Find out what each cars fuel economy figures are (real world figures not claimed manufacturer figures) and get an estimate on the resale value of each vehicle. Read users reviews to find out what problems they experienced with the car and try get an estimate on the service and maintenance costs of each car. Once you have done the research you should now be ready to make a decision as to which new car you would most like to buy.

Step 7 – Negotiate a deal.

You have now done your homework and therefore you are ready to buy your ideal car. Now you can go back to your dealer to negotiate a deal. Don’t rush this step, it is important that you know exactly what is in the contract. If there is anything you don’t completely understand then ask questions. Find out what all the fees are and which fees are optional. You are about to make a very large purchase, so take your time. If you feel that everything is order and you are happy with the contract then you can go ahead and buy the car.

Step 8 – You are free to walk away anytime.

This is the advantage that you have. If at any time you are unsure about something and not 100% certain that you want to go through with the deal then you can simply stand up, walk away, go sleep on it and come back another day.
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