Top 10 Fastest cars in South Africa

Top 10 Fastest cars in South Africa

If its speed you’re after, Supergroup has your best interests at heart. There’s no reason to be stuck in the slow lane when your heart is in the fast lane, that’s why we’ve picked out the best of the best, especially for you. James Bond’s wheels have nothing on our top 10 fastest cars.

1. Audi R8 coupe 5.2 FSI V10 plus Quattro S Tronic

Price - R2 461 500

Max Speed 317 Kph Accel 0-100 3.5 s

Easily in the same league as many a Ferrari, only undoubtedly easier to drive, is the Audi R8 V10 Plus Coupe. The 386kW engine is magnificently complimented by carbon fibre elements in aid of faster acceleration and breath taking top speeds.

In Audi’s own words, ‘technical precision and performance are stretched to the very limits of feasibility’.

Price - R2 797 189

Max Speed 317 Kph Accel 0-100 3.8 s

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Price - R2 759 189

Max Speed 317 Kph Accel 0-100 3.8 s

Whether you are a roadster or a coupe fan, both models are neck-breaking super sports cars which come complete with incredible acceleration and dynamic handling thanks to the SLS’s low centre of gravity.


Price - R1 527 000

Max Speed 315 Kph Accel 0-100 2.9 s


Price - R1 475 000

Max Speed 315 Kph Accel 0-100 2.9 s
It has been said The Nissan GT-R has been designed to be driven in real world conditions. They have accomplished a level of refinement without compromising on the performance of the vehicle, which is clearly illustrated in the GT-R’s phenomenal acceleration.


Price - R2 162 500

Audi R8 Coupe

Max Speed 314 Kph Accel 0-100 3.6 s

A mere 3kmph ‘slower’ than the R8 V10 Plus Coupe model, still offers remarkable standard features such as; quattro permanent all-wheel drive and 6-speed manual/7-speed S tronic transmission, not to mention an abundance of creature comforts.


Price - R2 328 500

Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI V10 quattro S tronic
Max Speed 311 Kph Accel 0-100 3.8 s

If all one needs to give up is a miniscule amount of performance; in order to fully embody your true awesomeness when you have your top down at robots, is it not entirely worth it? The R8 Spyder has all the same specs as the R8 Coupe, except it’s a convertible model.

Price - R2 790 990

Max Speed 300 Kph Accel 0-100 4.0 s

The top model in the SL series, the SL65 AMG has some terrific performance enhancing specs…
• 3-stage ESP®
• Rear-axle locking differential
• AMG high-performance composite brake system
• AMG sports suspension
• AMG Sports speed-sensitive steering
• Torque Vectoring Brake


Price - R2 180 389

Max Speed 300 Kph Accel 0-100 4.2 s

With most of the same features as the SL 65 AMG, the SL 63 AMG, is only second from the top of the SL range. You will still get the brilliant Mercedes performance from the SL 63 AMG, but you’ll have to send a little extra to get the rear-axle locking differential.


Price - R1 953 047

Max Speed 300 Kph Accel 0-100 4.4 s

Price - R2 046 347

Max Speed 300 Kph Accel 0-100 4.4 s

Be it the coupe or the convertible you’re after, the supercharged Jaguar XKR-S still offers the distinctive Jaguar styling and performance. The adaptive dynamics give additional grip, control and improved handling.


Price - R1 612 411

Max Speed 300 Kph Accel 0-100 4.2 s

The F-Type R offers best-in-class power and acceleration, along with the renowned Jaguar Super Performance Braking System. It’s extremely rigid bodyshell and sports suspension with Adaptive Dynamics make this car a real beast on the road.


Price - R1 400 990

Max Speed 300 Kph Accel 0-100 4.6 s

The driver-centric XFR-S model, with its 5.0ℓ supercharged engine is not only magnificently powerful; but also has handles incredibly well thanks to the active differential for superior traction and cornering.

What now? Time for a test drive!

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Disclaimer: All of the claimed specs were taken from each manufacturer’s website. Where a price is listed it should be taken as a guide only as some vehicles may come with additional costs such as on the road, admin and licencing fees.

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