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The best 4x4 SUV’s in South Africa

The best 4x4 SUV’s in South Africa

In our search for the best 4x4 SUVs, we really did struggle to narrow down the top performers. Supergroup really does offer an extraordinary selection of great family-friendly off-road vehicles. In each range we picked the entry level models, all of which are 4 wheel drive and extremely capable.


1. Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 Dune
Price - 321 400

1.	Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 Dune
It’s a rare occasion when off road capability is combined with affordability. Suzuki is one of the motoring industries best kept secrets this car is not only reliable with great styling, but it also has a 4 mode 4x4 system with a rigid reinforced unibody structure.


2. Honda CR-V 2.4 Elegance AWD
Price - R451 700

2.	Honda CR-V 2.4 Elegance AWD
The CR-V is among Honda’s most successful cars. Since its conception, many a year ago, it has had many iterations and proven itself time and time again. Each new version presented advances in technology along with market leading capability. The CR-V not only oozes comfort, but also comes with a free 4x4 adventure.

3. Audi Q5 2.0T FSI quattro
Price - R456 000

Audi Q5 2.0T FSI quattro
The spacious and suave Q5 sets new standards for this price range, of course there are a lot of optional extras. With Audi’s quattro as the 4x4 equivalent along with electromechanical power steering, electronic axle-differential lock, recuperation and start-stop systems but one can honestly say; the features that really count are standard.
Nissan Pathfinder 2.5dCi SE

The Pathfinder’s all mode 4x4 ensures, even in extreme circumstances, that the car has grip at all times. Using advanced electronics the drive is transferred between wheels and axles, avoiding wheel spin and engaging the 4 wheel drive in anticipation of low traction situations.


5. Toyota FJ Cruiser
Price - R506 300

Toyota FJ Cruiser
The FJ Cruiser is a retake of the classic FJ40 originally produced in the 60s. The retro styling together with crawl control function, an incredible 245mm ground clearance, 34 degree approach angle, 31 degree departure angle and 29 degree break-over angle make the FJ Cruiser a serious contender in the race to the best in its class. The addition of an 87ℓ sub-tank over and above the 72ℓ main tank improves the fuel load capacity and expected driving range to over 1000km.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L Limited
With an eco-mode improving efficiency by up to 11%, this V6 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission make the Grand Cherokee an exceptional offering from the long standing flagship model. As far as the off road capabilities go, the selec-terrain traction control system coupled with the quadra-drive II allow for impressive fine tuning of the traction control system.

7. Volkswagen Touareg 3.6 V6
Price - R699 100

Once again Volkswagen has brought cutting edge tech to the consumer, securing the Toureg as a pedigree amongst the off-road market. The 8-speed tiptronic Torsen gearbox and Permanent 4Motion all-wheel drive assist in steady and controlled hill descent. The additional lane change assist, air suspension and keyless entry system serve to add an extra special sprinkling of VW dust to which we have become so accustomed.

8. Lexus RX 350 EX
Price - R723 300

Lexus RX 350 EX

Whilst the RX 350 EX is a mid-size SUV, Lexus has taken up the challenge to create an innovative and luxurious vehicle. The 6 speed automatic transmission, V6 engine and dual variable valve timing-intelligent deliver an extremely smooth and powerful ride. The all-wheel drive technology offer exquisite traction on rough terrain. The RX adjusts braking and torque in anticipation of difficult situations. With the added bonus of a stiffer chassis, this car delivers superb safety as well as performance.


Mercedes-Benz ML250 BlueTec
As one of the most fuel efficient full size SUVs which has also been designed for the environment, the ML range allows you to not only enjoy the experience the environment, but also consciously care about it, from production and driving to end-of-life disposal. Its incredible all-wheel drive in addition to the electronic stability system, offer an new level of handling on all terrain and in varying conditions.

10. Land Rover Range Rover Sport SCV6 S
Price - R916 774

10.	Land Rover Range Rover Sport SCV6 S
Right at the top is the Range Rover Sport. It’s true what they say: you get what you pay for. In this case you get an incredible list of specs in even the entry level model. In truth; it’s far from entry level. With terrain response 2 technology allowing for optimal settings dependant on conditions, 8 speed automatic transmission with command shift, 4 corner air suspension, a wading depth of 850mm, reactive grounding response, gradient acceleration control (among the long list of specs), this SUV an handle whatever you manage to throw at it.

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Disclaimer: All of the claimed specs were taken from each manufacturer’s website. Where a price is listed it should be taken as a guide only as some vehicles may come with additional costs such as on the road, admin and licencing fees.

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