The Most Fuel Efficient Cars in South Africa 2014 / 2015

The Most Fuel Efficient Cars in South Africa 2014 / 2015

Thanks to the continual rise of the petrol price coupled with e-tolls for those living in Gauteng, the consumer (that’s you and me) is heaving under the pressure. For those still considering entering the wonderful world of vehicle ownership, the odds are steadily stacking against them. Luckily the search for fuel efficiency, heralded by the ‘Al Gore era’, also serves to keep a few extra randellas in our purses.

Whilst considering which car to buy, it’s easy to be tempted to buy an older model with some extra mileage on the clock to save money. The problem is, if you are looking for fuel efficiency, the old faithful of yesteryear just won’t cut it. They were crafted during a time of plenty, without a worry the impending fuel price disasters. Luckily Supergroup has picked a handful of treats just to suit your style, pocket and of course your environmental sensibilities.

1st. Nissan Leaf - 0l / 100km
Nissan Leaf
So as far as fuel efficiency goes, the Nissan Leaf tops the log. It is the first commercially available fully electric car to hit the South African market. The Leaf requires 7 hours to fully charge at home. Additionally there are 9 free fast charging units around Gauteng. A fully charged battery will get you roughly 195km. So far the government is yet to subsidise electrical cars in this country, so you are looking at a starting price of R450 600

2nd. Toyota Yaris Hybrid - 3.8l / 100km
Toyota Yaris
If you are keen to upgrade from the original Yaris, but don’t want to stray too far off, the new model is a winner too. The hybrid model, will take your fuel consumption right down to 3.8l per 100 km, making it the perfect run-around. Starting at R276 300, the Yaris HSD is one of the most affordable hybrids on sale in South Africa

3rd. Toyota Auris Hybrid - 3.9l / 100km
Toyota Auris

Don’t forget that the Toyota Auris Hybrid is also a great upgrade from the original Auris. The Auris hybrid is equally appealing, not to take anything away from the Prius of course, but the Prius has hogged the limelight for a little too long now.

The Auris hybrid starts at R356 500 and delivers a profound 3.9l to 100km.

4th. Lexus CT200h - 4.1l / 100km
Lexus CT200h

If you have great taste and a deeper pocket than most, the Lexus CT200h is the ‘It Car’ for you. The Lexus is lacking in… well, nothing. It alternates between petrol and electric mode seamlessly and has a top speed of 180km. The price tag on this little bit is R408 500, but this way you can glide across town and country on 4.1l to 100km, without breaking a sweat.
5th. Toyota Prius HSD - 4.1l / 100km
Toyota Prius

The Prius was one of the first mass produced, commercially available hybrids and it still ranks amongst the most fuel efficient cars currently on the road. The Prius, as with the Nissan Leaf, relies on a regenerative braking system which recaptures that energy from the braking system to recharge the electric motor’s battery.

At a starting price of R 430 200, you get not only a comfortable, 5 seat, safe family car that also provides some sweet acceleration, 0 – 100km in 10,4 seconds.

6th. Honda Insight Hybrid - 4.3l / 100km
Honda Insight

Standard with leather seats, 6 speakers, automatic air conditioner with a dust and pollen filter, 8 cup holders, electric winders… For R305 600, along with exceptional fuel economy and stylish good looks, you would be hard pressed to find the same value for money elsewhere.

7th. Ford Fiesta Titanium - 4.4l / 100km
Ford Fiesta

If you aren’t sold on the Yaris, the Ford Fiesta 1.0 is a winner. Starting at R227 630 for the trend model and going up to R247 900 for spec-heavy Titanium, you can expect 4.3l per 100km coupled with tops speeds of up to 196km. Grrrr…

8th. Honda Jazz Hybrid - 4.5l / 100km
Honda Jazz

With most of the same features at the Honda Insight Hybrid, this little car is a bit more compact only slightly less fuel efficient. Basically, if you’re looking for a smaller, cheaper version of the Insight, at R 289 700, the Jazz Hybrid is your best bet.

9th. Renault Clio - 4.5l / 100km
Renault Clio

Few things are as pleasing to the eye as European styling, and the new Renault Clio is no exception. The Authentique runs on around 5.5l per 100km, which is average, but the Dynamique and the Expression manage 4.5l per 100km. That’s a pretty sweet deal considering they both boast a top speed of 182km. The Clio is sexy and sensible, starting at R199 900.00 for the Expression.


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Let's Recap...
 Brand  Model  Starting Price
 Top Speed
 Fuel Consumption
 Nissan  Leaf  R450 600
 144km  None (electric)
 Toyota  Yaris Hybrid
 R276 300
 165km  3.8l / 100km
 Toyota  Auris Hybrid
 R356 500
 180km  3.9l / 100km
 Lexus  CT200h  R408 500
 180km  4.1l / 100km
 Toyota  Prius HSD
 R430 200
 180km  4.1l / 100km
 Honda  Insight Hybrid
 R305 600
 182km  4.3l / 100km
 Ford  Fiesta Titanium
 R227 630
 196km  4.3l / 100km
 Honda  Jazz Hybrid
 R289 700
 174km  4.4l / 100km
 Renault  Clio Dynamique
 R212 900
 182km  4.5l / 100km
 Renault  Clio Expression
 R199 900
 182km  4.5l / 100km
Disclaimer: All of the claimed specs were taken from each manufacturer’s website. Where a price is listed it should be taken as a guide only as some vehicles may come with additional costs such as on the road, admin and licencing fees.

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