The cheapest Double Cabs from SA's Big Six

The Cheapest Double Cabs from the Big Six

South Africans love double bakkies. They are mean machines that can tackle everything from our daily commute, hauling around goods and even towing a boat while taking the family on holiday. The problem is most South Africans are feeling pressure to seek more affordable vehicles.
Super Group Dealerships decided to find the cheapest double cab offerings from six of the big bakkie manufactures and compare them against each other. So if you in the market for a reliable double cab bakkie on a budget then this is specially for you.
We looked at the cheapest double cab bakkie from Isuzu, Toyota, VW, Mazda, Ford and Nissan.

Ford Ranger 2.5 Hi-Rider XL – R289 900

Ford Ranger double cab 

Ford’s entry level double cab is priced very competitively at only R284 200. There is no denying that the all new ranger from Ford is a very attractive bakkie. It has the macho exterior styling and refined interior styling that demands attention on the roads. The 2.5 petrol engine gives you 122Kw and 226Nm of torque. For the sub R300K price range, this ranger should definitely be at the top of your list.
Warranty – 4 years or 120 000kms
Service plan – 5 years or 90 000kms

Mazda BT-50 2.5 SLX – R315 900

Mazda bt50 

Coming in at just over R315K this Mazda BT-50 is a serious contender. While most people approve of the overall styling, the wrap-around lights on the tailgate won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Either way, you get quite a lot of bakkie at a very decent price.
Warranty – 4 years or 120 000kms
Service plan – 5 years or 90 000kms

Isuzu KB 240 LE – R321 300

New isuzu kb 240 

The all new Isuzu is bigger and bolder than ever. The dramatic styling is sure to appeal to existing Isuzu fans and new one’s alike. This double cab has a 1060Kg load capacity on the back and comes with all the features that you need. Power is 112Kw and 233Nm of torque.
Warranty – 5 years or 120 000kms
Service plan – 5 years or 90 000kms

Nissan NP 300 Hardbody 2.4 Double Cab Hi-Rider – R337 600

nissan np300 
At only R327 000, the Nissan NP300 is the most affordable double cab on this list. It is worth noting that the styling is becoming a bit long in the tooth and it has the least powerful engine of the bunch. But if you are looking for an affordable and reliable workhorse and you have a couple kids then it might be exactly what you need.
Warranty – 6 years or 150 000kms
Service Plan – 3 years or 90 000kms

Toyota Hilux 2.7 VVT-I Raider – R339 700

Toyota Hilux

Toyota’s cheapest double cab is this 2.7 VVT-I petrol offering. It will set you back R339 700 but with that you get one of the most reliable vehicles on this planet, plus the resale should be very good too. Power is 118Kw and 241Nm of torque.
Warranty – 3 years or 100 000kms
Service plan – 5 years or 90 000kms

VW Amarok 2.0 TSI Trendline – R378 400


When VW said they were entering the double cab market it made people nervous, afterall what does VW know about making bakkies. Well it turns out they can make quite a good bakkie. The Amarok is praised for its ride comfort, both on-road and off-road. It also has a very SUV-like feel. Although the most expensive on this list at R378 400, it is also the most powerful. The 2.0 turbo petrol engine creates 118Kw and 300Nm of torque.
Warranty – 3 years or 100 000kms
Service plan – 5 years or 90 000kms


Side by side comparison


Ford Mazda Isuzu  Nissan  Toyota  VW
Price R289 900 R315 900 R321 300  R337 600  R339 700  R378 400
Warranty 4yr/120 000 4yr/120 000 5yr/120 000  6yr/120 000  3yr/100 000  3yr/100 000
 Service Plan 5yr/90 000 5yr/90 000 5yr/90 000  3yr/90 000  5yr/90 000  5yr/90 000
 Engine  2.5 petrol  2.5 petrol  2.4 petrol  2.4 petrol  2.7 petrol  2.0 petrol
 Power  122Kw  122Kw  118Kw  105Kw  118Kw  112Kw
 Torque  226Nm  225Nm  300Nm  205Nm  241Nm  233Nm
 Ground Clearance  237mm  232mm  224mm  240mm  227mm  250mm
 Load Capacity  965Kg  1179Kg  1060Kg  1095Kg  820Kg  963Kg
Can’t afford these cars?
Head over to Supergroup Dealerships used vehicle page to search for used versions of the cars above, you might just find your perfect car for less than you think.
Disclaimer: All of the claimed specs were taken from each manufacturer’s website. Where a price is listed it should be taken as a guide only as some vehicles may come with additional costs such as on the road, admin and licencing fees.

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